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2.365” Tyrannosaurus rex T. rex Tooth

$ 2,500.00 $ 3,500.00

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Age: Late Cretaceous (70 - 66 mya)

Location: Powder River, MT

Formation: Hell Creek

Size: 2.365” in a straight line

Now is your chance to own an authentic T. rex tooth fossil. This tooth measures in at just a hair shy of 2.5” around the curve (2.365” in a straight line), this T. rex tooth is in excellent condition. The tooths denticles (serrations) are visible on each side and offer great detail. Some cracks were sealed and a penetration sealant has been applied to ensure preservation of the fossil.

Why We Love It: The T Rex is the most well known dinosaur of all! A T Rex tooth is one of the most recognizable fossils of this infamous dinosaur. This T Rex tooth is great for any collector who wants a fossil that is instantly recognizable and comes from one of the most well known dinosaurs of all time. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts

A T. rex could bite as much as 500 pounds in a single bite with its 60 teeth.

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