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2” Nanotyrannus Tooth Fossil

$ 525.00

Species: Nanotyrannus

Age: Late Cretaceous (66 mya)

Location: Brusett, Montana

Formation: Hell Creek

Dimensions: 2” x ⅞” x ⅜”

Weight: 0.42 oz

Item #A111

For sale is a 2" Nanotyrannus iancensis tooth in great condition. Some enamel wear on the upper posterior carina, which is missing denticles (serrations). The average Nanotyrannus tooth is 1 ½”, while this one measures 2 ¼” around the curve making a Nanotyrannus tooth this size extremely rare. This Nanotyrannus tooth still has visible interior serrations and solid enamel. The tooth has great color, details, and was legally collected from the famous Hell Creek formation making it a wonderful addition to any collection.

Nanotyrannus iancensis, which translates to “dwarf tyrant,” grew to be over 17’ in length, and weighed around 1 ton. Their smaller size and thin, curved teeth made them a more agile predator than the cumbersome T. rex.

Why We Love It: For being a "nano" tyrannus this is one large tooth! Not only is this nanotyrannus tooth a great center piece due to its size and the quality of the fossil but it was also harvested from Hell Creek. A solid enamel makes this nanotyrannus tooth a fairly solid color along the length of the tooth with some visible serrations adding to the definition of the tooth as well! Overall this is a great fossil with amazing details and a rich history. 

Fun fact: There is a great deal of controversy over whether N. iancensis is a distinct species or merely a juvenile T. rex. Many paleontologists point to significant differences in tooth size, shape, and quantity to argue for the validity of the species.

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