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La Brea Tar Pit Bird Claw Fossils For Sale

$ 50.00

Species: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Location: Los Angeles County

Formation:  La Brea Tar Pits

These amazingly preserved bird fossils come from the infamous La Brea Tar Pits of California. These bird claw fossils were originally found by a long time employee who worked in the tar pits.

Now, finally for sale to the public are these three fossilized bird talons. Although Little is known about these particular fossils for sale, Amazing Relics has inspected them and found these to be 100% authentic and in excellent condition.

Even without knowing the species of these fossils you can still clearly tell that they are from a prehistoric bird with talons and display very well. 

These bird fossils are a great entry point for someone who wants to get started in fossil collecting and would make a great show piece for your office or living room. Because of the lack of origin knowledge these are one of the most affordable fossils at Amazing Relics. 

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