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Dimetrodon claw Fossil

$ 225.00

Species: Dimetrodon indet

Age: 272-295 mya (Cisuralian Period)

Location: Northern Texas

Formation: Texas Red Beds

Size: 5/8"

This is a great example of a dimetrodon foot claw from the Texas Red Beds Formation in Northern Texas. This fossil has nicely defined grooves on both sides and a very nice tip. This fossil has not had any restoration done to it. The original condition of this claw did not warranty any restoration.

Dimetrodons walked the earth during the Cisuralian period around 272-295 million years ago! They were not dinosaurs and are more closely related to mammals than reptiles. In fact, the earliest dinosaurs we know of, existed almost 40 million years later in the Late Triassic Epoch. Dimetrodons were apex predators of there time feeding on fish, reptiles and amphibians. Scientists aren't exactly sure why they had those giant "sails" on their backs but some postulate they were for thermoregulation or for courtship display. Either way, they were impressive looking animals and many artist renditions can be found online.    

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