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Dinocrocuta Skull

$ 2,495.00 $ 3,995.00

Species: Dinocrocuta

Geological Period: Late Miocene 10MYA-5MA

Location: Eastern Kazakhstan

Size: 6.5" L x 3.5" W x 5.5" H

For sale is a mounted juvenile dinocrocuta skull. It's perfect for those with limited space who want the skull of one of these sought after fossils. There is a row of articulated vertebrae tucked under the skull, just above the mount. This fossil has only very minor restoration on the back side and a few spots in the center. The teeth are all whole with no repair or restore. Overall it's 95% original fossil. 

A full grown dinocrocuta measured in at 6.5'-7' long. The name dinocrocuta translated to english to mean "terrible hyena". They could attack and feed on prey much larger than themselves with jaw muscles capable of bone crushing force. There is a fossil skull of a Chilotherium or prehistoric rhinoceros with dinocrocuta teeth marks on it, indicating that the dinocrocuta included those massive beasts in their diet. Dinocrocuta were giant hyena looking animals with adults having skulls up to 17" long. They ate anything they wanted as they were the top carnivores of their time. They stalked and killed in packs. This genus had many species and all are very rare in the fossil record. The dinocrocuta roamed the earth in the Mid Tortonian to Messinian age of the Miocene. This was about 9.433 million years ago to 7.246 million years ago.   

The large adult Dinocrocuta skulls are hard to find and cost $20,000 at auction. This is a great deal for an even more rare juvenile skull. This comes mounted on a wooden stand. This Dinocrocuta skull fossil was obtained in the USA at the Tuscon show over 20 years ago. It's simply an amazing piece! 


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