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Pink Dolomite Crystal

$ 70.00

Species: Dolomite 

Size: 6.7 oz, 3.5” x 3” x  1.75” 

Mineral Class: Carbonate 

Composition: Calcium magnesium carbonate 

Crystal System: Hexagonal 

Pink dolomite is very sought after for its natural healing properties and beautiful pink hue. This particular crystal has been left unaltered and uncut allowing you to create a custom application for this stunning pink dolomite crystal.

This pink dolomite can help balance energy levels and bring your chakra into alignment. This helps its users to stay in the moment and release creative thinking, allowing it to form into tangible use. Our dolomite is sustainably and altered as little as possible. This unaltered form retains as much of the dolomite's healing properties as possible.  

Fun Fact: Since dolomite contains few radioactive materials, it can act as insulation from cosmic ray interference without raising background radiation levels.

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