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Dolomite with White with Pink Spurs

$ 80.00

Species: Dolomite 

Size: 4” x 3” x 2” 

Weight: 9 oz

Mineral Class: Carbonate 

Composition: Calcium magnesium carbonate 

Crystal System: Hexagonal 

This is a unique piece of dolomite that would be great for a mineral collector or someone looking for metaphysical healing. The pink and white spurs on this piece of dolomite make it an incredibly unique mineral and would be a great piece for any collection. 

Dolomite is a well known healing crystal that creates balanced energy in a room and promotes mental focus and clarity. This dolomite crystal remains unaltered and in its naturally found state. 

Why We Love It: The dolomite base of this piece acts as a natural display stand to showcase the crystal spurs coming out of the mineral. This is a showcase piece for any mineral collector that would look great as a naturally formed mineral and can be shown without any alternation to its natural form. 

Fun Fact: Since dolomite contains few radioactive materials, it can act as insulation from cosmic ray interference without raising background radiation levels. 

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