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Raptor Tooth For Sale

$ 130.00

Species: Dromaeosauridae indet.

Age: Upper Cretaceous (66 mya)

Location: Brusett, MT

Formation: Hell Creek

Item # A116

Size: 51/128” x 3/16” x 3/32”

Weight: 0.14g,

This beautiful, fossilized raptor tooth was found in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana. The tooth is a handsome brown with black veins. The denticles (serrations) are pristine. A mark at the very tip shows wear from feeding. This is quite the prize for small tooth collectors! 

This raptor tooth requires no additional restoration and does NOT contain any plastic fillers. This is an authentic fossilized raptor tooth with visible serrated edges still intact. 

Why We Love It: Raptors have become an infamous dinosaur as of late and this is one of the most intact raptor tooth we have seen. No restoration means this fossil is 100% original, you can even see marks from the raptor's feeding habits! A great piece for a collector who loves teeth or a great gift for someone who loves raptors.

Dromaeosaurids were feathered bipedal theropods which lived from the mid-Jurassic Period (~167 mya) until the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event (66 mya). Small to mid-sized dinosaurs, most dromaeosaurs ranged from 2’ to 20’ in length. Unlike most theropods, dromaeosaurs stood on only two toes, holding their enlarged 2nd toe extended in the air. This toe contained a large, falciform (sickle-shaped) claw, which was used to hunt, as well as climb trees. Dromaeosaurs are often informally referred to as raptors.

Fun fact: Many paleontologists believe that smaller dromaeosaurs (such as Microraptor) used their “sickle claws” for climbing, while the larger species (like Achillobator) used theirs for hunting, defense, and agonistic displays, much like the modern cassowary.

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