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Edmontosaurus (Duck-Billed) Large Metatarsal Toe Bone Fossil

$ 250.00

Species: Edmontosaurus annectens 

Age: Cretaceous (66 mya) 

Location: Brusett, Montana 

Formation: Hell Creek

Item #A110

Weight: 1 lb, 6.98 oz

Size: 4 ⅜” x 3 ⅝” x 3 ⅛

This is a large Edmontosaurus metatarsal (duck-billed toe bone) fossil in excellent condition. Originally broken, but glued back together easily with no restoration. This foossil currently has no penetrant sealant on it. 

Edmontosaurus was one of the largest hadrosaurid species, with the largest specimen measuring 49 ft and weighing in at 10 tons. Like most other hadrosaurs, Edmontosaurus was capable of walking and running on two legs-- reaching speeds up to 28 mph-- but would remain on all fours when moving slowly or standing. As a large, possibly migratory herbivore, Edmontosaurus lived in large social groups. One fossil bed in the Lance Creek Formation contains somewhere between 10,000 - 25,000 distinct edmontosaur remains. 

Fun fact: Edmontosaurus is one of the few Cretaceous-era species that has tested positive for cancerous tumors. It is unknown whether this is due to genetic propensity or environmental factors. 

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