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Nanotyrannus Tooth Fossil

$ 115.00

Species: Nanotyrannus

Age: Late Cretaceous (66 mya)

Location: Brusett, Montana

Formation: Hell Creek

Item #A113

Dimensions: 63/128” x 17/64” x 15/128” or 12.55mm x 6.81mm x 2.89mm

For sale is a small Nanotyrannus tooth. The denticles (serrations) of the tooth are in great condition on both sides with the occasional missing denticle here and there. The rich black enamel of this Nanotyrannus tooth looks beautiful, with very little wear. A small chip at the tip of the tooth was likely caused during hunting or feeding. This Nanotyrannus tooth was broken in half and glued back together.

Nanotyrannus, which translates to “dwarf tyrant,” grew to be over 17’ in length, and weighed around 1 ton. Their smaller size and thin, curved teeth made them a more agile predator than the cumbersome T. rex. There is still much debate amongst researches to whether or not the Nanotyrannus is actually a juvenile T. Rex.

Why We Love It:
 This tooth is a beautiful example of what a good fossil looks like. A clear black complexion and intact serrations along the tooth edge will stand out in a display case. The small chip caused while the Nanotyrannus was feeding is a great touch and makes this a unique find! Add this to your carnivore tooth collection today!

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