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Fossilized Pectinodon Tooth

$ 115.00

Species: Pectinodon bakkeri 

Age: 66 Million Years Ago

Location: Brusett, Montana 

Formation: Hell Creek

Item #A133

This little beauty is a Pectinodon bakkeri tooth. It is a perfect tooth except it is missing one denticle. It is super tiny fossil at only 6.4mm in height. This Pectinodon tooth is great for a collector who loves Troodonid dinosaurs or who wants teeth from all the dinosaurs of the Hell Creek Formation. 

Species Description: Pectinodon bakkeri which is sometimes classified as Troodon bakkeri is a dinosaur of the Cretaceous Period. Not much is known about these dinosaurs as there is not much material to work from. They have found teeth, a front dentary, a lower braincase, as well as fragments of juvenile skeletons and eggshells. That’s it. 

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