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Suuwassea Vertebrae on Stand

$ 1,150.00

Species: Suuwassea emilieae

Age: Upper Jurassic (150 mya)

Location: Bridger, WY

Formation: Morrison

Weight: 2 lb, 1.19 oz

Dimensions: 7 11/16” x 2 11/16”

Item #A131

The stand has a 5.5” round base and stands 4.5” tall.

Most collectors overlook dinosaur vertebrae when building their collection. Do not look past this beautiful Suuwassea fossil! Most people would associate a Suuwassea with a "long neck" from the children's classic A Land Before Time. This "Long Neck" vertebrae  comes from the massive tail of the Suuwassea and depicts the true size of this gentle giant from the Jurassic period. This particular fossil is a caudal vertebra which is part of the Suuwassea's tail.

This fossil is in excellent condition, with well-defined processes, and handsomely displayed on a metal power-coated black stand. Very few Suuwassea fossils are in private hands, so this is an excellent opportunity to own a rare dinosaur fossil from the Jurassic period. The best way to convey the sheer size of this particular is through the size of its vertebrae.

Suuwassea emilieae was a recently-discovered dicraeosaurid sauropod dinosaur, closely related to Diplodocus. Estimated to be between 46 and 49 feet long, S. emilieae lived in the late Jurassic period, approximately 150 million years ago. 

Fun fact: The name “Suuwassea” is derived from the Native American Crow word “suuwassa,” which means, “the first thunder heard in spring”.

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