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Tyrannosaurus Rex Phalange (Fingerbone)

$ 995.00

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Age: Upper Cretaceous (70 - 66 mya)

Location: Faith, SD

Formation: Hell Creek

Size: 5.5” long and 7.5” circumference around the base

This meticulously cared for tyrannosaurus rex fossil was originally found in South Dakota and is quite large, indicating this T. rex was above average size. This T. rex fossil is easily discernible to the untrained eye, making it a great centerpiece for a fossil collection, or as a single piece to compliment an office or sitting room. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts

T. rex neck and arm muscles were attached to the same shoulder bones. These muscles had to compete for muscle attachment space meaning the puny arms gave the T. rex its signature powerful, ferocious bite. 

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