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Tyrannosaurus Rex 2.75" Tooth Fossil For Sale

$ 2,995.99

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Age: Late Cretaceous (70 - 66 mya)

Location: Powder River, MT

Formation: Hell Creek

Size: 2.75” in a straight line

Now is your chance to own an authentic T. rex tooth fossil. This tooth measures in at just a hair shy of 3” around the curve (2.75” in a straight line), this T. rex tooth is in nearly perfect condition. The tooths denticles (serrations) are impeccable on each side and offer great detail. This tooth has had some repair work done, the tip was reattached and some cracks were sealed. A penetration sealant has been applied to ensure preservation of the fossil.

Why We Love It: The T Rex is the most well known dinosaur of all! A T Rex tooth is one of the most recognizable fossils of this infamous dinosaur. This particular T Rex tooth is great for a new collector who wants a fossil that is instantly recognizable and comes from one of the most well known dinosaurs of all time. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts

A T. rex could bite as much as 500 pounds in a single bite with its 60 teeth.

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