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Tyrannosaurus Rex 2” Tooth Fossil For Sale

$ 1,995.99

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Age: Late Cretaceous (70 - 66 mya)

Location: Brusett, MT

Formation: Hell Creek

Size: just over 2” from tip to base

Dimensions: 0.30 oz, 2.06” x 1” x 0.65”

This T. rex tooth is unbroken and well preserved with minor signs of wear. The denticles, or serrated edges on each side of the tooth, are in good shape with a few missing. The tip of the tooth is intact with some wear. 

This is not one of those hideous, plastic filled teeth, this is an authentic and sought after tyrannosaurus rex tooth that has been expertly preserved with NO repairs needed. 

Why we love it

Few dinosaurs are more well known than the T. Rex. This particular fossil has a lot of character and and is quite to show piece. Rarely do you find a t rex tooth for sale in such original condition. Most dealers will fill, fix and glue together t rex teeth to make them seem more pristine. We believe the beauty of this particular t rex tooth is that it has not been altered with fillers and glue and contains some great little details like the serrated edge along the tooth, such detail is rarely found! Snatch up this amazing t rex tooth for sale at Amazing Relics.  

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts

Good luck standing still. T. Rex actually had excellent vision due to adaptions in their skulls. Much like humans, their field of vision for each eye overlapped, enhancing their depth perception. 

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