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3” Maxillary T. rex Tooth (around the curve) with Amazing Serrations and Beautiful Patina

$ 8,999.95

This is a beauty of a T. rex tooth! The dark brown enamel makes makes this T. rex tooth a real show piece. The tooth measures 3” around the curve and over 2.75” in a straight line (see photos). While it’s light or missing enamel on one side, the other side is 98% perfect, with just a small section of enamel missing and normal cracks, like all fossils. The serrations are excellent on both sides and very sharp. This is tooth is all natural, as many teeth that come from this area are. I don’t believe there was any work done to it. 

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex 

Period: Late Cretaceous Period 70-66.5 MYA 

Geological Formation: Hell Creek Formation

Geographic Location: Garfield County, SE Montana 


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