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Hell Creek Fossils

Amazing Relics has a number of dinosaur fossils sourced from the Hell Creek formation. The fossils in Hell Creek and in our Hell Creek Collection mainly come from the Upper Cretaceous period and feature some of the most famous dinosaurs to walk the earth!

We source all of our Hell Creek fossils directly, guaranteeing authenticity. Not only do we guarantee the condition and authenticity of our fossils but also the location in which they were found. 

This area is rich with dinosaur fossils in excellent quality due to the deposit of coastal plain sediment during the withdrawal of shallow cretaceous seas that once covered most of western North America. Dinosaur fossils are not the only thing to come out of Hell Creek. Small cretaceous mammals and fauna are also common finds in this area. 

Be sure to check back often to see what new Hell Creek fossils are on sale at Amazing Relics.