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Tyrannosaurus Rex 5.25” Tooth Fossil For Sale

$ 19,999.99

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Age: Upper Cretaceous (70 - 66.5 mya)

Location: Powder River, MT

Formation: Hell Creek

Size: 5.25” along the curve and 5” in circumference

For sale is an authentic T. rex tooth from the infamous Hell Creek region. This huge Tyrannosaurus rex tooth with excellent serrations and beautiful enamel. Some minor cracks have been filled, but no major restoration is needed. This T. rex tooth fossil will continue to appreciate in value as legal fossil collection regions within the United States are scavenged. 

Why We Love It: This is the largest T rex tooth Amazing Relics has had the privilege to list for sale! Without a doubt this tooth would be the crown jewel to any collector. Distinct markings and a nice clean break at the base of the tooth makes this an unmistakable t rex tooth fossil that is sure to wow anybody who sees it. Not only is this fossil from one of the most famous dinosaurs, it was also discovered in Hell Creek, one of the most famous fossil dig sites in the world. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts

It is difficult to infer a dinosaurs lifespan but researches believed the average T. rex had a lifespan of 30 years. 

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