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Pterodactyl Fossils For Sale

$ 275.00

Species: Pterodactyl

Age: Middle Cretaceous (98 - 93 mya)

Location: Morocco

Formation: Kem Kem

Size: 1 ½” and ¾” (each)

Item #A122

This rare set of 5 Pterodactyl teeth were found along the Kem Kem fossil Formation in Morocco. This Pterodactyl fossil set has been verified as authentic. Most of the fossilized teeth are covered in a beautiful, dark enamel, and all are in excellent condition. Each tooth measures between 1 ½” and ¾” in length. Pterodactyl fossils are rare, so this is a great find! The Pterodactyl is a more well known flying reptile from the Cretaceous period. The thin bones of the Pterodactyl make it hard for paleontologists to extract in-tact pterodactyl fossils making them very rare for such a well known reptile. Because of the density and make up, the teeth of the Pterodactyl are one of the most well preserved fossils of this already rare prehistoric flying reptile. 

Pterodactyl's were a carnivorous, flying reptile which lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, and was found primarily in modern Europe and Africa. There is a common misconception that pterodactyls were dinosaurs; although they are among the most well-known animals to exist during prehistoric times, they belonged to their own taxonomic order, Pterosauria. Pterodactyls had a yearly growth pattern more similar to crocodilians than modern birds.

Fun fact: When Pterodactylus antiquus was first described in the late 1700s, many scientists believed it was an aquatic animal. In the early 1800s, scientists suggested it could be a bat or a type of shore bird. In 1860, a consensus was reached and pterodactyl was classified as a reptile.

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