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Saber Toothed Cat Canine Saber

$ 1,650.00

This Machairodus saber toothed cat canine is over 7-/18” long in a straight line measurement!! At its widest point this saber is 1-31/64”. It is from an old collection from the 1980’s. This saber is fully prepped and sealed for protection. It has had some repair and I would estimate it to be approximately 80-85% original. If you need any close-ups or different angle pictures, just let me know. It weighs 104grams or 3.67oz. This saber tooth cat’s canine is from the Late Miocene period 11.6 mya to 5.3 mya. 

Fun Fact: While often referred to as “Saber Toothed Tigers”, they are in fact, not related to modern day tigers. This is why the whole diverse group of cats with substantially longer canines than extant cat species are correctly referred to as “Saber Toothed Cats”. 

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