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Book of "Psalm" Dated 1664 with vellum cover in original Latin

$ 499.00

This incredibly well preserved Latin book of common prayers was once carried around by medieval monks for their studies. This well preserved book of Psalms is in Latin, written on vellum parchment. 

Vellum is a unique type of paper made out of calf skin membrane and was once widely used for important text such as this. The Latin text was the main script monks would read from in the medieval century.

Finding ancient texts in this good of condition is very rare. Finding these texts outside of auctions is almost impossible. Amazing Relics stands behind the authenticity and quality of all our artifacts and brings you only the highest quality, most sought after items.

Why We Love It: Ancient books are items of lore and mystery. Long outliving it's previous owners generation after generation these words have remained. This ancient Book of Psalms is a one-of-a-kind authentic ancient artifact. Written on vellum pages in Latin! If only this book could tell its story!

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