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6" Carcharodontosaurus Tooth Fossil

$ 2,350.00

Species: Carcharodontosaurus indet. 

Age: Mid Cretaaceous (112-93.5 mya)

Location: Morocco

Formation: Kem Kem

Item # A117

This enormous fossilized Carcharodontosaurus tooth was found in the Kem Kem Formation of Morocco. This carnivorous dinosaur fossil is in great condition with detailed serrations along both the medial and distal lengths. Some of the original matrix is visible at the root, and the tip of this tooth fossil is still fully intact. A break down the center of the tooth has been expertly repaired. Measuring 6 inches from tip to root, this is the largest Carcharodontosaurus tooth we have ever come across!

Why We Love It: This Carcharodontosaurus tooth is one of our favorite fossils due to its vivid fossilization coloring. It came from the infamous Kem Kem formation and is in amazing condition with great color and detail on the tooth. We have found that our tooth fossils are a hit with customers and this Carcharodontosaurus tooth is no exception.  

Carcharodontosaurus was one of the largest known theropods, measuring up to 44 feet and weighing 15 metric tons, making it as large as (if not larger than) Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus. Although it is sometimes referred to as the “African T. Rex,” Carcharodontosaurus predated the more well-known theropod by 30-50 million years. A recent study by the curator of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum hypothesizes that Carcharodontosaurus could lift animals weighing up to 935 lbs in its jaws.

Fun fact: German paleontologist Ernst Stromer named Carcharodontosaurus after Carcharodon, or the Great White Shark, due to the similarity between the two animals’ teeth.

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