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Suuwassea Humerus Fossil Bone on Stand

$ 5,600.00

Species: Suuwassea emilieae

Age: Upper Jurassic (150 mya)

Location: Bridger, WY

Formation: Morrison

Dimensions: 32” inches long and 12.5 inches wide at the top with a 13” base.

Item #A115

This is your chance to own an authentic dinosaur fossil. This Suuwassea humerus is a long bone that once connected the shoulder joint to the dinosaurs elbow. This Suuwassea fossil is in great condition and has a great "bone" look to it. The 13" self sustaining base makes this dinosaur fossil a great addition to any classroom or study. 

Suuwassea emilieae or simply Suuwassea, was a recently-discovered dicraeosaurid sauropod dinosaur related to Diplodocus. Estimated to be between 46 and 49 feet long, the Suuwassea lived in the late Jurassic period, approximately 150 million years ago. There are very few Suuwassea fossils available for private collections, so this is a great chance to own a very rare specimen!

Fun fact: The name “Suuwassea” is derived from the Native American Crow word “suuwassa” which means “the first thunder heard in spring”.

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