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7" Spinosaurus Tooth

$ 995.00 $ 1,500.00

Species: Spinosaurus

Age: 112 - 93.5 mya (Cretaceous)

Location: Morocco 

Formation: Kem Kem

Size: 7"

For sale is an authentic 7 inch Spinosaurus tooth in incredible condition with deep natural coloring. You'll be hard pressed to find a larger Spinosaurus tooth for sale on the open market.

The tooth enamel is in fair condition and the root still has some matrix on it. The coloration and detail on this fossil make for a great centerpiece in a collection or a great stand alone piece for an office or den.

This Spinosaurus tooth was discovered in Morocco 's Sahara Desert among the infamous Kem Kem formation from the mid Cretaceous period which was approximately 112 to 93.5 Million Years Ago. 

Why We Love It: Make a powerful statement by displaying a tooth from the largest known carnivore to walk the earth! Not to mention this fossil came from the famous Kem Kem Tar Pits of Morocco. This particular Spinosaurus tooth has amazing enamel color and detail, creating an unmistakable fossil that would look great as the centerpiece in any collection. 

The Spinosaurus was the largest meat eating dinosaur to ever live. The Spinosaurus measured 49' in length and weighed between 7 and 20 tons!

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