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Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth, T Rex Vert Pieces, Dinocrocuta Skull and much more!

Hey peeps check out our new inventory! We have some amazing stuff up now with much more to come. Drool over the 5.25" Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth. This TRex tooth is HUGE and in such great condition! If you can't break off that chunk of change then maybe our T-Rex phalange (hand bone) or our T.Rex caudal vert pieces are for you. The Dinocrocuta skull is awesome and I can assure you that you won't find another baby Dinocrocuta skull anywhere. The Plesiosaur dorsal vert is great too. It's from a large collection of 30 dorsal vertebrae found in Montana. This is your chance to get a piece of the American Lock Ness monster! How about that Spinosaurus claw? It's almost perfect except a few hairline cracks. A top of the line specimen for the serious collector. You've seen the Felis Attica on the main page. How cool is it to own the first ancestor of our modern cats!? We still have lots more great and Amazing Relics to post so come back and visit often!

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