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Antique Miniature Cannon 1850's - Working Condition

$ 245.00

For sale is a antique miniature cannon from the 1850's in working condition. The single piece brass barrel of the cannon measures 5-5/8" x 1" and has beautiful engravings running the length of the barrel. On the stand, it measures just over 6" long and stands 4" high. You could potentially load this miniature cannon with gun powder and let it rip! That said, I don't think anyone should actually use it.  The cannon base is a light hand carved wooden base that holds the barrel securely in place with brass straps.

Why We Love It: Miniature cannons seem to be popping up everywhere for sale lately. Very few are steeped in history or have stood through the years like this one has. The brass barrel has developed a beautiful patina throughout the years creating a miniature cannon that tells a story. Most antique miniature cannons feature a cast iron barrel, this particular cannon is rare because it has a brass barrel made from a single cast. Most likely, this cannon is a miniature replica of a brass naval cannon which were popular at the time due to their ability to disperse heat quicker then a traditional cast iron cannon. This accurate, scaled down version of a brass naval cannon was most likely the possession of someone who was familiar with 1800's naval warfare. This antique miniature cannon would look great in a mahogany study or next to beautiful tall ship models. 

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