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Raw Vanadinite Crystals

Vanadinite Barrel Crystals

$ 95.00

Species: Vanadinite 

Origin: Acif Mine, Morocco 

Mineral Class: Apatite 

Composition: Lead chloro-vanadate 

Crystal System: Hexagonal 

Vanadinte is a powerful mineral belonging to the apatite group of phosphates. Vanadinte is strongly associated with the element of fire and is great for clearing the mind to allow you to focus at tasks at hand. Many people use vanadinite to help clear their minds during meditation. This is a great mineral for boosting creative thinking as it clears out distractions and allows for greater focus.  

Fun Fact: Vanadinite is one of the primary ores of the element vanadium, which is named after the Norse goddess of beauty and fertility, Vanadís (Freyja). Vanadium is toxic to humans. 

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