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Stilbite with Apophyllite Crystals

$ 40.00

Species: Stilbite 

Origin: Unknown 

Size: 7 oz, 3” x 2.5” x  1.5” 

Mineral Class: Zeolite 

Composition: Hydrous calcium sodium aluminum silicate 

Crystal System: Monoclinic 

This mineral combination is great for people who are anxious about the future. 

Stilbite comes from the greek word for "to shine" and promotes spiritual visualization. You might want to meditate with stilbite if you are working on figuring out the next steps in work, life or in your relationship. Stilbite natural healing properties can help users vizualize options while reflecting on past decisions. 

This stilbite is complimented with apophyllite crystals which are porous and allow for high vibrations of light which promote peaceful thinking and eliminates stress, which promotes the clarity of the stilbite. 

This apophyllite stilbite combination is great for collectors looking to soothe stressful thoughts when trying to make decisions or planning. Our Apophyllite stilbite is unaltered and left in its raw, ethically harvested form for maximum healing ability.

Fun Fact: Due to stilbite’s porous structure, it is often used as a molecular sieve in water filtration and petroleum refining. 

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