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HUGE Dinocrocuta gigantea Skull and Jaw

$ 10,400.00

This Dinocrocuta gigantea Skull with Jaw is truly an amazing relic, if there ever was one!! This Dinocrocuta’s skull is massively huge. The Dinocrocuta’s jaw is a gigantic 12” and the skull is around 17-18”. It’s hard to measure exactly, but check out the photos. I’m so excited to have this beastly Dinocrocuta in the collection! 

Dinocrocuta gigantea were extant around 4.5 million years ago in the late Miocene. They are thought to be like modern day hyenas but wayyy bigger.  They grew up to 47” tall at the shoulder, over 6’ long, and weighed up to 550 lbs! That makes for one giant hyena type animal! They are thought to have been cleptoparasites, meaning they stole the prey of other carnivores. 

This Dinocrocuta gigantea was sourced in Taiwan from an old fossil collection from the 1980’s.  

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