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Saber Toothed Cat Skull with 1.5" Sabers

$ 4,499.99

Species: Metailurus Major Saber Tooth Cat

Geological Time Frame: 10,000 years ago

Location: Eastern France

For sale is an unbelievable rare Metailurus saber toothed cat skull. It is 7” long with 1.5" sabers. A saber toothed cat fossils rare with few in existence. To get a saber tooth cat skull in condition this good with minimal restoration and all original teeth is unheard of. The fossilized bone is very light in color and features a slightly open jaw which naturally shows off the saber teeth of the cat.

This saber toothed cat skull features a slightly opened mouth with top and bottom jaws intact. The only repair that has been done was on one tooth and it was repaired naturally, without cheap glues and sealers.

Please note: This is NOT a reproduction, this is an authentic saber toothed cat skull and was originally purchased from a French dealer over 25 years ago and is just now going back up for sale here in the USA. 

Species Description: These animals were small as far as saber toothed cats go. They belong to the tribe Metailurini. They had more conical sabers than the big saber cats like Machairodus which were long, flat, and had sharp edges. They were carnivores who hunted in packs and were found in USA, Europe, Africa, and Eurasia. They were spread over a wide area of the world but few are found, especially complete skulls. There were some found in Florida but these are extremely rare. 

As always if you have any questions or need more pictures feel free to reach out to me. 

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