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8th - 11th Century Viking Short Bearded Axe Head Artifact

$ 425.00

For sale is an 8th - 11th century short bearded Viking axe head artifact. This Viking axe artifact is in good condition considering its age and use as a general purpose tool. As one of the most versatile tools or weapons of the Vikings, the bearded Viking axe varied greatly in design depending on its intended use. Some variations of the bearded axe are still used today by modern woodworkers or foresters. A collector could easily recreate a handle for an authentic looking Viking axe artifact that would display beautifully.

Why we love it

The Viking bearded axe was one of the most common tools used by the Vikings. For everything from self defense to everyday chores the bearded axe was the go-to tool of the Vikings. With a little restoration and a new handle this can be a beautifully displayed Viking artifact. Combined with a replica handle this authentic Viking axe head would look great in any office, study or living room!

Viking artifacts are one of the most overlooked collectibles. The ancient Norse "vikings", translated into "pirates", were a fierce people who often clashed with Europe throughout the 9th - 12th century.

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